Extra Headroom and Dynamic Range

From the quietest verses to the loudest choruses, UE 18+ Pro delivers the full dynamic range of your mixes by combining world-class clarity and detail with increased volume and headroom.

  • Four-way crossover provides increased detail across the frequency spectrum
  • Dual low and high drivers provide extra headroom for increased dynamic range
  • Excellent acoustic isolation rejects noise in any environment
  • Custom, personalized fit stays secure and comfortable
  • Our UE cables are water resistant, sweat resistant, and field-replaceable in seconds.

Best for: Drummers, pianists, jazz and classical musicians

You design it

Design your custom in-ears to fit your style.

We make it

To your exact specifications.

Fastest Turnaround Time*

Ultimate Ears has the fastest turnaround time in the Industry with an average of 7-10 business days. *Subject to change.

What they're saying

UE 18+

The UE18+ is similar to the reference in regards to the clarity it offers. Where the Reference is good for Studio and a few positions on stage, the UE18+ is great for all positions. It will deliver a bit more low end power than the Reference, and a bit more punchiness in the mids. You will notice that the UE18+ feels a bit wider, almost like you are in a bigger room. You can fit a bit more in your mix and hear the separation. It is a powerful monitor that can be used for performing on stage and is a great monitor for enjoying music.



From the quietest moments of your set to the most epic crescendos, UE 18+ Pro delivers world-class sound consistently at any volume. A four-way crossover and six proprietary drivers deliver increased headroom at all frequencies, bringing out the dynamics of your performance.



All of our models are designed from the ground up with a specific sound signature in mind. Our exclusive drivers are purposely tuned and sculpted to work in harmony, delivering a commanding yet musical sound. Each handcrafted monitor is digitally modeled and 3D printed for perfect fit, comfort, and strength.

Because we know that you depend on these nightly and that you can’t live without them, we developed the most rugged failsafe cable and connection system. Our UE cables are water resistant, sweat resistant, and field-replaceable in seconds. And for anything else, we’re here for you with our legendary 24/7 tour support.

All of our models are compatible with all popular IEM system, portable audio devices, and work with our proprietary Bluetooth Cable and app.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. 30-day return option*(minus customization fee).



INPUT SENSITIVITY  105 dB @ 1 kHz, 100 mW


NOISE ISOLATION  -26 decibels of ambient stage noise

IMPEDANCE  37.5 Ohms @ 1kHz

INTERNAL SPEAKER CONFIGURATION  6 balanced armatures and 4 passive crossovers.

INPUT CONNECTOR  1/8” headphone jack; compatible with all systems

WARRANTY  1-year